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Early Access

For the duration of the  program, early members get access at no cost
$0/per month
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Access to all features from the monthly plan
"Request your feature"


Offer unlimited paid or free services and get access to 8+ features
$12/per month
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Sell anything online
Personal bookably page with unique URL
"Add to your website" 
"Add to your social media"
Offering management
Member management
Data and Analytics Dashboards
Priority Support
Booking Dispute Services


This includes everything from the monthly plan at a reduced cost
$10/per month
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Access to all features from the monthly plan
2 months free
Dedicated Support Member
No credit card
Access to all features
Onboarding guide

Here's what you get whichever plan you pick


24x7 Customer Support

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Future Enhancements

Automatically receive the latest features and improvements

100% Data Ownership

Your member list or transaction data can be exported

Frequently Asked Questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
Is there an option to get started for free?
Yes. During our early access program, members who join will be able to access all regular features - without the need of a credit card.
What happens if I want to cancel?
You can cancel your subscription any time and we'll refund you for the remaining portion of your billing period.
Are the yearly plans cheaper?
Yes, with the yearly plan, there is a savings of 2 months off compared to the regular monthly price.